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The beginning...

Doug and I have always wanted to go know on a mission when we retired.  I guess the Lord was listening to our hearts and made it so.  After a surprise call from Elder Holland, we visited with him on Novemver 4th about the possibility of serving.  Then another call and an interview with President Eyring on the call to be was issued by President Eyring on December 6th.  We were very humbled that the Lord entrusted us to be Mission President and Wife.  We received a letter telling us the place we were to serve on December 20th....San Pablo, Philippines!

The church photographer made us look the part!

We report to the NEW MTC on June 24th for 4 days, then off to the Philippines for 3 Years!

We have so much to learn and prepare the time will go quickly.  The support from our daughters and son-in-laws has been phenomenal.  I never imagined the roles reversed and them being the ones supporting us (emotionally) on a mission.  We have a great tutor from the MTC named Aaron Smith that is helping…