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October 17 Exiting Missionaries

I have a love/hate relationship with this day.  I LOVE hearing the missionaries testimonies as they recall when they realized that following all the rules, listening for the prompting and acting on them and loving all around them brings more joy than they ever thought possible.  They express the fact that this has been one of the hardest things they have ever done AND would repeat the experience over and over again if asked.  Then we say goodbye to them as more than friends.  Life long friends.  We said "paalam" to 2 Assistants, 1 that helped us through our first months.  In the end, it's time for them to go and apply what they have lived in the "normal" world.  God Bless Elders!  And, as it goes in the Church, tomorrow their replacements come!  

Tri-Zones for September!

We finished a round of what we call tri-zones.  Instead of going to each location, we gathered three zones together to try to help with our travel.  Problem is,...someone has to travel.  So, this way the missionaries do more travelling.  We may go to a mixture of the two, because I NEED to go to the islands once in a while!!!  We love the missionaries.  Their personalities, their testimonies and their desire to serve and to love are, sometimes, overwhelming to us.  We taught about working with the ward and stake leaders to make the transition for a new member go better.  We talked about the 10 lepers and the one that gave thanks and was made, "whole".  The Lord will pour blessings out on us when we give thanks, act thankful and live grateful.