Terrifying and exhilarating

I have had the funniest thought that explains how we feel as the days near for us to start.
Several years ago we went on a Caribbean cruise and went zip lining.  I am afraid of heights but was determined to do this and not hold Doug back from this experience.  We hiked and then climbed until we were on the first of 7 or 8 VERY tall trees in a rainforest and then we were outfitted with extremely safe harnesses that forced us to sit up, connected at both the waist and the shoulders.  The problem with the very safe harnesses is that as we got ready to zip to the next tree,  I was sitting up, looking down.  The man helping us asked if I was ready and I would say yes, but then couldn't push myself off.  He asked a couple of times, my answer was the same, but I couldn't do it on my own.  Finally, I would tell him he would have to push me off this one.   Immediately, it was the most terrifying (as evident my my screams) and exhilarating experience.  This we repeated on each tower.  In the end, I felt accomplished and yet still held on to my fear of heights, having confirmed them solidly for the rest of my life.  I thought of the people at church today who are going to ask if we are ready and this image came to my mind and I laughed out loud.   Can one ever be ready for such an experience?  Nope, do what you can and trust that the Lord will make up the difference.  On so many  levels we am ready, but I think we will have to close my eyes and just go to what will be the most terrifying and exhilarating experience of our life.

We also had lunch with some very special people this week.  The Gaws from...ready?  San Pablo, Phililppines.  They are members that live there and are in Utah visiting their daughter for a time.  The other couple were the Smiths, Minnie and Steven have been friends for a long time.  She was my first real Filipino friend and my reference point for all my good feelings toward the country of the Philippines. We are so excited to meet and work with more of these great people.


  1. We love you �� going be great on missionary as president take and enjoy every moment with the elders & sister missionary our serving the lord. See you guy again

  2. I also remember Minnie from Tuesday mornings at the temple! You sisters are so sweet!

  3. I spent some time reading through your Mission blog tonight. I'm so proud of you both. I feel the Lord blessing all of our family through your service. We all pray for your safety and success during this special time in your lives. Know that I love you and feel your earthly father's spirit is with you. Love, your Mom, Pat Davies


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