1st Batch with the Davies!

Our first "batch" came today.  5 Sisters (4 Filipino, 1 Tongan).  They are amazing and excited to be in the mission field.  They all came for different, yet the same reasons.  President Davies did his homework, yet the Lord had a final say to their new companions.  All a good match!  It will be fun to watch this group as our first!  Interesting that this particular group all came from active families (second generation for most).  Lots of support from home, a great blessing, not always the case.

The bus almost passed by, we were all yelling and then the sisters on the bus told him to stop.

Bringing in their things from the road.

Yeah, they are here!

Breakfast by Sister Irene!

July 2017 Batch in front of Mission Office.

July 2017 Batch!

July 2017 Batch!

Receiving instructions from E. Howard on how to handle their money.

Nervously waiting to see who their companion will be.


  1. President Davies... Mike Davies. Looking good President!!! Good batch of Elders and Sisters!


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