Mission Presidents Seminar

Catching up on the most amazing week ever.  There were many teachings, nothing new, just amazing reminders as to what the gospel contains and how important they are.  There were some things that surprised me (Barb), however.

I wasn't prepared for the fact that the 12 apostles and Presidency would come and stay all day with us, eating, visiting, sharing their love for us and the work we are about to engage in.  Elder Hales and President Monson did not attend because of age, but all others were there.  There were 127 new president and their wives.  Also, many of the seventy with their wives.  We were taught and given apostlic blessings that will forever be in our hearts.  I sat in the meetings, wishing all of you could have sat next to me.  They talk on a different level when their audience are people who are about to join them in consecrating their lives to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and leave all else behind.

Sometimes we would be in the auditorium in the MTC with everyone and then other times we would be in smaller break out groups so the Apostles  and the Seventy could address us more intimately.  I was also surprised how many Mission Presidents take children with them.  The youngest president was 36, the oldest was 66, average was 56.  Amazing people that have had amazing careers already.

One of the most surreal moments for me was walking over to the new MTC buildings to meet with and teach missionaries that were there preparing for their missions.  The new MTC buildings are 6 stories tall with glass windows everywhere.  They are in a bit of a U shape.  The Mission President and Wives were walking over, in masse, to our assignments (which in itself looked awesome), but I looked up and the windows were lined with missionaries waiting for us.  I was overwhelmed with love for them and started waving.  The rest of the leaders followed suit and the missionaries were waving back.  It was a moment that still brings me chills (personal for me).

The world got smaller as we made friends with most of these great people.  People who knew Grouse Creek intimately, friends of college friends, 2 presidents who had served in my mission in Argentina when we were youth, new, instant friends as well.  One more thing that amazed me was the strength of this group of leaders.  Where in the world would you find that caliber of people willing to leave their homes, families and careers that were extremely happy to do just that?  I've never been surrounded by so many confident, happy people.  The missionaries are in good hands.

On the last night, we were joined with all the missionaries for an address by Elder Bednar.  The missionaries sang and it was powerful!  The spirit didn't whisper at that meeting, it sang!

We became close, fast friends with the other 7 new Philippine Mission Presidents and Wives.  What an amazing group!  We are the only ones that have no connections to the Philippines.  Others served as youth, or traveled there much for business, or were natives.

It felt like this is what we wanted all our lives but never dared speak out loud.  The Lord has been so very good to us, this feels like an amazing way to pay back a small portion of the blessings that He has given us.  We were given blessings by the Apostles, they feel the weight of their commission and are hoping we will help them with their commission...to gather Israel.  They understand what they are sending us forth to do and wanted to send us out with not just instructions, but the love of the Lord and themselves.  Elder Anderson shared that most of them have insomnia at times when the Lord needs to give them instructions, then he said, "Welcome to our insomnia".

One more thing, that we need to share is that on so many occasions during the seminar (almost without exception they have been mission presidents), they testified that revelation comes freely in the mission, evidence of the Lord's desire to help with the work.  Over and over again during meals, meetings and even casual conversations the promise was made that the Lord would send extraordinary amounts of help while we are on this errand.

Thank you for your love and prayers,

President and Sister Davies


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