Paalam! Goodbye to great batch!

We had our first batch of missionaries leave last week.  What an amazing thing to see them at the end of their missions and the changes and growth that have occurred.  We were amazed at how hard it was to say goodbye to them, even though we've known them for a short 4 weeks.  Some are going home to hard circumstances, but our thoughts and prayers will always be with them.  God Bless!

Another great meal by Sister Irene!

Office staff, we love them!

They don't call themselves a group, they call themselves a "batch".  So this is a batch of Sisters that came out at the same time, and a batch of Elders that came out at the same time.

We are grateful to be part of this!

Good job!
One last "come to Brother Howard" moment!

Yes, there are 5 Sisters and 4 Elders AND their luggage in this Jeepney!
One last Filipino-type picture!


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